"Maturity is the capacity to endure uncertainty.” – John Huston Finley

Uncertainty should not be feared; it should be welcomed. The sure thing, the safe way, the normal path, is littered with the unfulfilled dreams of average men. Knowing how the story plays out sounds like the most boring thing I can imagine. Safety is a bullshit story we tell ourselves, as if death isn’t waiting around the corner.

Predictability creates a dull life that we spend the majority of our time trying to dissociate from through boozing, TV, gambling, and imagining scenarios of a more exciting existence. Your plan isn’t going to work out the way you think. Stop trying to solve all the problems before they happen, and instead, lean in with excitement to see what you encounter.

Less than two centuries ago, thousands of people packed up their entire lives to drive wagons across an unknown landscape in hopes of better. The least you can do to honor their voyage is to live an exciting, fulfilling life.

March 08, 2024