The last month has been a blur of culture, sounds, and new experiences. Travel does for my soul what most people think buying new things does for them. Except the feeling never expires. It deepens my awareness of the world we live in. My gratitude for my life is at an all-time high.

I started this life as a nobody from nowhere in Louisiana. I’ll end it as something very different. I don’t know what that is exactly, nor do I need to know. It’s my job to stay on the path and do the work every day.

The work is helping others find their path. Once you find it and lock in, prepare for the ride to get bumpy, my friends. There was a moment when I left behind the gravity of normal and decided the fight for personal greatness was worth all the damage I've taken along the way.

We are built to heal. We get scars. We can change and adapt to almost anything. The adaptations of modern culture seem to manifest as less confidence, obesity, depression, over-medication, an inability to focus, and a need for external validation from people who are just as miserable as you.

I’ve seen miserable people in mansions and happy people living in grass huts. This thing you’re looking for can’t be bought. My advice is to learn to take damage. Learn to shake off the losses. Learn the biggest lesson of all: if everyone on the easy path is miserable, maybe start thinking that’s the wrong way.

It’s these adventures that shape me. They remind me to slow down and be present. Erased is the illusion of the importance of the things I worry about. The farther I physically get away from everyone else, the more I seem to find who I really am.

I am a traveler, internally and externally adventuring for new perspectives that shape how I view this temporary existence. Those perspectives are what I was put here to translate for the people who give me the opportunity to lead. Being a leader is such a high honor that it’s worth all the stress, heartbreaks, failures, and fuck-ups. I take the damage in hopes of better preparing the people I love for their adventure through life.

Create a life you don’t dream of vacationing away from. My dreams will cost me everything. I’ll happily ante up every day my eyes open, my heart beats, and air fills these lungs.

March 08, 2024