"The gates of hell are locked from the inside." 

– C.S. Lewis.

I'm not sure what brought this quote to my universe. Perhaps it was reading something from Duncan Trussell. But this quote dials in the mindset issues I struggled with for years. Wrapped around an outdated identity of what I am supposed to do with my life, the type of house I should have to show I’m successful, and letting any failures of my past predict the future outcomes of any chances I want to take.

The trap you are in, you have the key to escape it. That key resides deep within the self. It may be so far in that you don’t have access to it. You may not even believe it’s there anymore. That you are this way and you won’t ever be able to change.

These changes range from health, relationships, and escaping financial stress. It is easy to think this perpetual cycle and inserting stagnation are acceptable and inevitable.

I need you to believe they are not. There is an internal resistance to change we all feel. That is attached to wanting to be right with your previous choices despite the lack of progress. It’s avoiding having to be embarrassed and say I was wrong, and it’s scary abandoning something comfortable and good enough to really go after greatness.

The pursuit of greatness is where the magic is. Greatness isn’t a point on a map. It’s a lifestyle. It’s about building the habits that eventually change the world you live in.

The hard part is getting the fuck out of your own way. You know deep down there has to be more to this life experience than forever grinding out a mediocre existence where accepting a life you don’t hate, is as good as creating one you love. It isn’t.

This Monday morning I think about week 1118 left to go, down from 1612 when I decided to implement Radical Accountability into every aspect of my life. In less than five years, I am the healthiest, happiest, and most confident I have ever been to set my target on big goals and chase them down.

This isn’t genetic. Whatever the hell you’re currently trapped in is, understand that you’re choosing it. You’re choosing to stay there. You’re choosing to feel this way. All the anxiety, negative self-talk, depression, and health concerns are the barriers you have allowed to keep you trapped. Stand up, take off the prison guard suit, and help yourself break free from this torture.

The other side of it is exactly the life you want. Financial stability, being fit, healthy, having deeper relationships, and self-confidence are waiting for you to own them. These skills are built on daily actions and nothing more.

Disconnect from all that outdated bullshit you feel about yourself and reconnect to that eternal fire living inside of you waiting to be turned into the unstoppable inferno for growth."

April 01, 2024