It’s cliché, but whatever is the moment you feel free enough from the weight of your past to try and break free of its gravity, do it.

Every year, I set new goals and analyze where I’m not performing at the level I could be. Three words kept coming up for me for 2024: Authentic, Aware, and Accountable.

Authenticity is knowing why I choose what I want. Is it aligned with me, or is it for outside validation, consumption, or being used as a mask? Being authentic means holding that boundary for myself that my energy goes toward whatever is a FUCK YES. If it doesn’t make the mark of a FUCK YES, then it doesn’t need to get my full attention. This allows me to have that energy for the opportunities that align.

Aware is a deepening of how I communicate with myself. Being able to sit still, kill the noise, and tap into my own intuition. When my daily habits are in place, my awareness and ability to continually make the adjustments needed to hit my goals are easier. When the other stuff crumbles and old habits return, so do my enemies of anxiety, self-doubt, and indecision. I keep them at bay by doing the little things that continually build the evidence I need to quiet that noise and trust myself to take action.

Accountable is everything. At the core of this lies integrity. It’s about how often I will lie to myself, break trust, and choose actions that align with my goals, no matter the cost. Being a liar is the worst thing I can imagine. I know how I feel about people in my life I consider liars and unaccountable to their word. They are a hassle and shouldn’t be given access to my energy. Why would I ever let myself fall into that category? Being a leader starts within. Taking leadership of the self is the first management position we all need to master.

These three As of Accomplishment – Authentic, Aware, and Accountable – are the greatest self-governing tools for greatness available. No medicine, training program, or meditation technique works without these in place as a functioning foundation. You need all three to stay the course and continue to stay the course when RESISTANCE shows up."

April 08, 2024