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Taking on living with full accountability and awareness for my actions has been very rewarding.  

While I don’t succeed all the time, it still allows me to quickly target where I missed the mark. It allows me to quickly address things in another way and how I can better handle a situation next time.

I know my overall life INTENTION.

I want to create anything that can have an impact on someone trying to change any aspect of their lives for the better. With this intention, it makes it clear for me WHY I do everything I do.

What content should I be creating? Does it serve that intention? If yes, then try.

Should I get up and do my morning routine? Does doing it serve that intention? If it does, then fuck yes.

When trying to do a multitude of things, it’s easy to get lost in the daily chaos and noise. But with the other tools I have developed, like meditation, breath work, communication with my partner and my friends, and inner work, I can find that focus again.

When I’m overwhelmed and that feeling of doubt sets in, I remember my INTENTION. 

My intention is to create an impact.

I also trust that I am doing my best. 

With these two things, I can relax a bit more and trust the outcome will follow these two nonnegotiable concepts.

I derived my intention out of what really brings me enthusiasm. The times during my throwing career that I could see my impact on the sport excited me. People training differently, people using social media more, the increasing numbers of entrepreneurs. This all fired me up. It made the sport as a whole better. 

The other half of that is creating content to translate my ideas. Making YouTube content and meeting the other creators out there inspired me to get better at everything. Teaching myself videography, editing, photos, or rudimentary graphic design all came from me getting obsessed with the process of creating better content.

Over time, I began looking at the root of what drove me. What is at the base of all the things I love to do that are valuable? It came down to creating content that had an impact. I also chose the intention of my impact. I want to help people grow and take accountability for their lives. 

This is where it has got me. 39 years old and I love what I do. I also have no idea of the future or what I’ll be doing in 10 years, but that’s fine with me. I’m building skills and resources to figure out any road block to where I want to go.


April 18, 2022