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Part of being aware of the choices in your life is being aware of who influences you. These are your closest friends. What does this group of people say about you? Based on your closest five friends, you can kinda average out what your life will look like.

Are these people aligned with similar goals as you are? Do they live with intention? Do they chase progress? Do they complain and bitch all the time?

If I look at my inner circle of humans, none of them are people I grew up around.  All of them are people I went out of my way to meet, learn from, and be around. I chose these relationships. It’s not an accident my mentors are who they are.

Everything in your life has an opportunity to either be what came to you, or what you chose to pursue. Personally, I don’t have any interest in living with what was given to me. Not my body, not my style, not my friends, and for sure, not my mentors.

I’m not saying your friends suck. They may be awesome and be kicking ass. I hope they are. If they aren’t motivating you to do more, find more people who do. The more you surround yourself with people willing to settle into good enough or comfortable, the sooner you’ll find yourself unfulfilled and wishing for escape.

This standard issue idea of life is to wait for retirement and adventure. Once your work is done.  Once home work is done you can play.  Once you eat the veggies, you get dessert. I say fuck that. 

I’ll eat what I want. I’ll do what I want to do. I surround myself with people I choose. I’ll learn from where I want. I am responsible for how all of that turns out. If it goes bad, I better learn fast, and correct the course.

This is your life.

Make damn sure all parts of it are something you considered the options and choose the best. 

Fuck good enough.

May 16, 2022