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How you speak to yourself. Continuing on with this topic…I find myself thinking more and more about the depth of this concept.

Really, the beauty of such a simple idea of just always speaking your truth and with the correct intention. Oftentimes, this happens unintentionally. Couple this with our base philosophy of being fully accountable. Together, this radical accountability puts YOU responsible for if YOU are misunderstood, misinterpreted, or accidentally offensive. 

Part of being IMPECCABLE with your word is choosing vocabulary that not only gets across the idea you want to share but also the tone of the message.  This is why “lol” has become the way to ensure the message is not taken literally, or give awareness to sarcasm that you often miss in text format. 

Taking ownership of the word choice you use to translate your intention to other people helps you get better at making sure your intention isn’t misunderstood. This builds confidence in being able to speak from truth. Your intention is your truth. Making sure the alignment is there will help alleviate anxiety from tough conversations.

I started a meeting this AM and what I usually do when addressing my team is to make sure everyone is clear on the intention of the meeting. This eliminates anyone feeling personally attacked. This way we can cut out misinterpretation of things. If something is miscommunicated, we can safely ask for clarification of direction. This keeps us communicating and all going in the same direction.

That is how I manage my team. Now, the other side of that has been making sure I stay aligned with my word and my actions. If I say something is important and I don’t take the actions that align with it, that needs to be honestly looked at. And to be looked at without emotions. Clearly, I’m not interested in doing the work, so let’s stop wasting energy on saying it and stop taking on continued disappointment from inevitable failure.

Find something you want to do. Or build the discipline to show up and do the work. Both sides being in alignment are key.  I don’t think it is a natural thing to be aligned. It can be.  Some are easier to manage than others.

What we say about food, exercise, our bodies, our relationships, our wants, and needs…are they being expressed honestly? And if they aren’t, why do we expect them to be addressed if they aren’t being acknowledged?

If you’re not clear in expressing and owning what you want, it is going to be hard to align everything toward it in secret.

Being honest with yourself is a huge first step to finding control over your life. Don’t fall into tolerating this bullshit from yourself. You can be whatever and whoever you want to be.  That’s one of the great things about joining a new community is that no one knows your bullshit.

To be anything, all it takes is to align your actions and your word.  Anything you’re doing is who you really are. Want to be a runner?  All you have to do is start running and continue to improve at it. That’s it. In under a week, you are a runner. How you choose to continue is up to you.

Whatever you do with your life, make sure you are trying to align both actions and words with your true intention (your why). Progress toward this will always bring enthusiasm.

May 09, 2022