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This is very common today. From astronaut to public speaker to barista the options for your path forward are vast as the universe itself.

Did you choose the path you’re on now?

Take an honest look back at how you got here. Are you here because this is what you wanted or did you just keep following a low resistance path?

Let's use religion as an easy example. Did you choose your faith based on research into multiple religions and decide what best aligns with your beliefs? Or was it due to your parents and the location you were born in?

The latter is not something you chose but more inherited. Was your path growing up from choice or was it inherited based on your environment and family? Once this path has momentum, it is hard to recognize and even harder to slow and change direction. 

One thing I have seen play out is the common path. Get a job, get promoted, get promoted again, and then realize you’re at the end of available progress. This is your ceiling on this path. This ceiling can be income, time available for fun, or new challenges. At some point, you’re now in a job at a company you never planned to make a career in but it has worked out so far and it’s “easy.”

One day you wake up and realize this is it. This is what your life looks like for the duration of it. Trapped because your responsibilities are too much, and to abandon the path cold Turkey would jeopardize all the things you have.

I get it. This is a scary place to be. You feel like your options are gone. You’re doing something you don’t love. You can’t see how to chase your dreams. You don’t even remember your dreams. You don’t know how to take steps on a new path.

This was a feeling I was consumed by from late 2016 to 2019. I had a job I could do. I didn’t love it, but it was safe. I was then incapacitated physically for the first time in my life with knee issues. Then fired from that safe “job.” I dealt with a ton of depression and fear about my future during this time.

For me, having things continue along as “good enough” and something “I shouldn’t complain about” wasn’t an acceptable compromise I was willing to make in my life.

Through lots of self-discovery and therapeutic self-work, I found acceptance of the chapters that had closed. I thought about all the valuable skills I had developed so far in my life. I began to set my sights on a life I’d love to have and began figuring out the challenges I would encounter in fulfilling this dream. 

There was a moment when I could see how my life would continue to play out and I decided that it wasn’t acceptable. I chose to take action and was willing to risk losing everything to chase the life I am currently living today.

If you’re lost and feel the feeling of “HOW THE FUCK DID I GET HERE?” I want to help. I started the 1612 Mentorship to help people choose their direction and build plans for executing those dreams. 

By changing your mindset and determining “what you want in life,” you can start to shape the future you dream about. 

My only warning is this. This path is not an easy road. It will require all of you. Remember it’s your life.  It should.
May 02, 2022