I am going to die. You are going to die. Maybe not today, but
one of your tomorrows will be your last

How are you spending it? 

Are you taking any steps toward your dreams or goals? 

Do you have goals and dreams? 

Do you know what you want? 

I had followed a plan in the first half of my life that was “ideal.” Good job, married, secure, and a plan toward comfortable living and predictable problems. This was not the path for me. I found myself trapped in a routine that would kill me through eventual boredom.

As depression and chronic pain continued, I started to spend a lot of time digging internally.  This is not the path I want to be on anymore. But knowing where you want to go is a totally different problem to solve.

I began to find my direction as I took steps towards self-discovery. This began building more awareness of what actually brought enthusiasm to my life. Taking time to figure out what exactly those things were was critical.

It's going to be damn near impossible to put a plan  in place to change your life if you don’t have the direction decided. Do you want to travel, build businesses, live in a van, or become a millionaire?

Just like with training to become a world champion, you have to figure out the necessary steps to get you there.  What skills will I need to accomplish this goal? Then start building those skills. 

These honest self-discovery sessions will continue to help you point your energy toward what you really want in life.

This life is going to be short for all of us. If you want things differently they will never magically change. 

Stay true to your path.  

Be honest about your intentions and how much effort you’re willing to put to your dreams. 

I’m now at 39 and have been living with this mindset for the last 8 years. Everything in my life has changed. The most valuable tool I gained from this direction change is knowing that I could change anything I wanted to and things would never change if I didn’t want it to. 

This life and time is a gift from the universe. 


Only I can build my dreams. I want you to awaken that same force within yourself. You already have all the magic in you.  Find how to use it.

Working with individuals through 1612 in switching this portion of themselves on has been nothing short of humbling. It has given me new direction to serve people who want more. 

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Matt Vincent

June 06, 2022