“Why are you doing it, to connect or disconnect?”  

This was a question that was first proposed to me at Rythmia a few years back when going for my first ayahuasca ceremony. Lots of people ask for rules of using plant medicines. They try to find this black and white, yes or no, for if it’s good or bad. These simple dichotomies don’t quite work in reality. There is a ton of gray area.

I found this as such an eye opening concept. This brings back an awareness to your intentions of the action. 

The point of this isn’t to even say that one is better than the other. What really matters is the awareness of your intentions. I want to view as much of my life through that awareness lens as I can.

When I need that time, I may be disconnecting from my day-to-day stress and tasks to better connect to myself and my partner. Taking time to regularly connect to the self keeps the focus on your priorities and goals. Make sure you’re not getting distracted.

The tools we have for down regulation are powerful tools. Using them to better sharpen your awareness has immense benefits. Without awareness of what your priorities are, it will always be hard to be aligned with them. 

For this week, take some time with your breath.

Simple breathing

4 sec in.
4 sec hold
4 sec exhale
4 sec hold


Take 10 min and connect back to you.

Ask yourself questions:

What brings me excitement?
What drains my energy?
What can I improve on?
What do I want to learn?

Take note of this. 

Start being more aware of whether you're serving those things or not.

June 13, 2022