HVIII has always been about eliminating your bullshit.  The first step of that is acknowledging you have work to do. 

YOU are the only person that can hold yourself accountable.  You’ve got big goals and giant plans for your life, and many different chapters ahead.

Our fire is built on progress. 

Continue to challenge and shape yourself into the person you want to be. 

COMPLACENCY leads to you to not caring, being less present, and pointing more of a finger at why someone or something is holding you back.  Truth is, YOU have to decide everyday to get better.
This collection encapsulates this idea, that COMPLACENCY KILLS THE SOUL. It will include:
Black Tshirt
White Long sleeve
Jersey Hoodie
Below are drafts in creating this graphic, as well as the process of making the final piece that would end up being printed and the photos of the actual items. Hope you guys are enjoying more of behind the scenes content!
Complacency Kills - Jersey Hoodie
Complacency Kills - Black Tshirt
Complacency Kills - White Long sleeve
January 25, 2022