A word from Bonnie:
"I wanted to jump on and let you know how excited about the second set in the BonSchro collection! The response to the tie-dye set was incredible and I wanted to bring you guys something better, bigger and larger than life for the second set. This black and gold set is energetic, bold and extra AF.
I’m really stoked about this set because I think it’s the perfect way to ring in the new year and I hope it creates a lot of energy and excitement around your training sessions. I know you’ll feel amazing, I know you’ll enjoy training in it and I am so excited to be sharing SO MUCH MORE with you guys this year.
This stunning set has a V front waistband, multiple pockets and super cute mesh detailing it’s sure to make you feel amazing in and out of the gym.

For size reference I’m 5’2 125lbs and take a small top and an extra small bottom.
If you’re in between sizes I suggest sizing up in the sports bra and sizing down in the leggings."

This good ombré pattern was something we had never seen anywhere else.  This raining gold vibe it created really spoke to us.  We want to continue to create the best quality womens gear we can at HVIII, and going forward, Bonnie will be designing it. We hope you all love it as much as we do.  Super stoked to have Bonnie lead this.

Make sure to set those alarms for 1/13 at 3 PM CST!

BonSchro Black and Gold Collection PreviewBonSchro Black and Gold Collection Preview

January 12, 2022