Every time we release a new edition of our seasonal collections, we aim to make it better than the last. This Winter Essentials collection continues the legacy of our best essential collection (Fall of 2021) to date. From the weight of the fabric down to the tie dye pigments, we worked to design a completely custom cut and sew hoodie, GOAT Shorts, and nylon cap.
Winter is here and shifting to colder weather and more indoor action for many of us.  We wanted to give you some new goat shorts to go with custom blue and pink tie dye hoodie.  This color pallet reminds us of the cold mornings in Iceland.  The sun gets up a little later this time of year,  so it's easier to beat it to the starting line.  We wanted to make some training gear that kept the mood stoked while being shut indoors more often.
Time to build what we are becoming.  WINTER IS HERE, LET'S PARTY
Winter Essentials Collection
Blue Tie Dye Hoodie
Blue Tie Dye Contour ShortsBlue Tie Dye GOAT ShortsPink GOAT Shorts
Pink 5 Panel Hat
January 05, 2022