This has been as close to the strangest year ever.  While 2020 needs to go home and sleep off what seems like a bad drunk.  The sun is still out, we are still ready to get shit done, and live the best way we can.  


Monochrome FLORAL AF GOAT shorts

We have loved the Floral AF Pattern for sometime now.  This year we are mixing it up and giving a black and gray option.  7' inseam and 4 way stretch.  These are the best shorts you will ever own.  

We also are releasing a new micro fiber towel.  This all purpose towel is great for yoga, camping, swimming, beach, and anything else.  The lightweight micro fiber helps keep sand from sticking to it and it absorbs water like a goddamn sham wow.  

We made some cool stretchy headbands.. hope you guys dig these we will make more in more colors and patterns.  These look sharp and definitely are built for speed.

Last but definitely not least.  We want to show some love to our HVIII Brand at home Botanist.  We love flowers too.  infant we love them so much sometime if they are awesome and the right flower we grind their buds up and smoke them for a nice relaxing time.


Anyway this is all the new stuff we got coming your way.  I know things are heavy out there right now.  I hope some of this brings some smiles that are needed to the people that need them.  


Spread HVIII and Always Party


June 17, 2020