I have set out that during the next 15 weeks of my rehab I am going to drop 20 lbs.  I am starting out at 254 previous to surgery.  The purpose of this is to eliminate the chance of me getting lazy on my diet.  It’s easy during this time to go for food for comfort.  There is more repercussion to this than just eating bad and being lazy.  It’s the increased intake of carbs will also lead to more inflammation.  Since that is not the route I want to go.  It’s easier to set a goal and have something to chase during the rehab that isn’t strength related.


Thought process.  I am going to eat during this next 15 weeks for sure.  So I’d rather hold myself accountable and accomplish something that just took discipline.


Here is my plan.

1.5lbs a week for 15 weeks.

3000cal Baseline.

Eat under that by at least 250cal a day.

Intermittent fasting 16 fast 8 eat

Food is the following:


Green veggies

Fermented veggies

Thing that can be identified as a single ingredient.


MEAT:  did it have a face?  Yes. Eat it.


Green veggies:

Eat some salad now and then it’s not going to hurt you.  Also gives you a little variety for your gut to deal with.  I go with kale, spinach, mixed greens, pickles, cucumber.


Fermented veggies:

This one for gut health.  One advantage to a simple diet like this with no processed food is you can repair your gut health.  Kimchi and sauerkraut are my favorites.  I just eat along side steak.


Identify as single ingredient:

This is for snacks really more than anything.  So beef jerky, fruit, nuts are great options.  Of this is what your go to snacks are instead of bullshit you’ll be fine.  Just don’t eat too many.  Less than 700 calories in snacks.


That’s the plan reduction in the calories for the first two weeks will get things started.  Then as it slows down I’ll be able to start adding more activity into my rehab.  So that will keep things moving forward again on same amount of calories.  Next drop will be to staying sub 2600  by anywhere from 200-600 calories.


I’ll stay here as long as the scale is moving 1.5lbs a week.


It’s a simple approach but is something I’d like to accomplish.  I haven’t Wright under 230 since I was 16.  Hoping this also leans me out a little.  Just playing with the body and nutrition more.  These are areas I think my knowledge is weak and if I want to learn I need to do and experience it.

April 18, 2019