When you’re chasing a new goal, it’s important to adjust your mindset, too. I know one day I’ll go for a max strength block, and I’ll scale it as much as possible. But I’ve adjusted my mindset to focus on my present goal. 
Don’t let yourself get so caught up in thoughts about the future that you lose sight of the things you need right now. Presently, I’m making sure my foundation is solid. It’s a key step in achieving my long term strength goals. 
This is a great example of what it means to “be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods.” Today I’m focusing on moving better so that I can work on building my strength in the future.
If you’re also wanting to move better, my best advice is to move more. Do more. Push yourself. You got this.

A bit of Motivation Monday for you, but honestly, if you're this far in reading about the GOAT shorts, there's not much more to say. New color ways in our own cut-and-sew style.

These shorts are the greatest thing we have ever made.  

7" inseam to show off that quad, tailored fit- to be ready for action, 4 way stretch so you can roundhouse kick an airplane out of the sky, and pockets for snacks.

We got rid of velcro and went with a much more comfortable waist band and draw string.  These shorts are great for essentially everything and they quick dry as well for water activities.  

March 03, 2021