This ticking clock we all have to live with is a reminder that time is valuable and scarce.  All the amazing things you want to do during your life all have to fit in that window.  They are also under no obligation to help you achieve your dreams.  If you want to see the Grand Canyon, my suggestion is get in the car and get going. 


Make a plan and stop talking about dreams.  You're alive NOW.  Get that mindset switched to the idea that now is always better than tomorrow.  Be in the mindset that today is a perfect chance to setup a better opportunity to live those dreams.  

Take action and get to living my friends.  

Hear this call to action and the reminder that you're "NOT DEAD YET".  Find the steps to get where you want.  Find the steps to get out of a bad situation.  Life is way too short to only talk about doing rad shit. 

Remind yourself that you're

Now is the time to stay on the gas pedal.  Make your world exactly how you want it.  See the things you dream about, be the best version of you possible, operate out of desire to do more, and not the fear of missing out.

This line is a constant reminder to yourself we got time on the clock and now is the time for action.  Take life by the reigns and ride this wild fucker as long as we can.
February 24, 2021