Influence comes from everywhere. Recently, one of them was this neon 80s Synth vibes I have been into.  Need to tune in to this vibe check this out. 


After my 30th watching of Atomic Blonde in the basement, I wanted to make some rad stuff with the same feel.  I love neon. I love the gritty 80s sub culture of arcades and simulations. 

So that's what got us to this point.  These dim rooms, only lit by neon and artificial colored light creates such a unique atmosphere.  I wanted to translate that to this new design.  I hope we got it done perfectly. 


Life is moving very fast my friends and things are changing rapidly.  Look back to where we were February of 2020, calm before the storm.  But we have managed to hunker down and still accomplish our goals.  We are not dependent on calm waters to make progress.  We put our heads down and let the universe know we are on a path forward.

For all those negative voices out there operating out of fear and panic.
"HELL NO!!!!"  We are not victims.  

We will continue to chip away with unrelenting effort and focus.  

The only way forward this year is to stay on the gas pedal and keep blasting through. So stay with the engine pinned, and make the most out of the weirdness that is our reality currently.  If it changes back... great.  If it doesn't, that is ok we keep doing our thing anyway.  

"FULL GO!!!" This is the time to check your commitments and figure out what in your life is creating unnecessary drag.  Cut it out and gain speed.
Here are the new SYNTH pieces

Also, for February we are giving away a 6' bean bag from LOVESAC to a lucky winner.  All you have to do it order anything you want from HVIII this month and you're automatically entered to win.  

I love getting to pick these things to send out. It's all based on the things we use and love.  Bonnie and I spend most nights down regulating in our giant beanbag and it's amazing. I want the same for you.  

We can either spend money on advertising or we can reinvest back into those who support our brand.  I will always have you guys back.  This doesn't work without you guys and the 7 years of support.  

February 16, 2021