Last year, we got together and hand bleached about 1200 items for you guys. You also love them. So I decided to make a run of designs that were designed to be bleached, by YOU . The print is done in a ghost style ink and you can choose to reveal as much or as little of the items as you want using the FREE HVIII BRAND OFFICIAL BLEACH BOTTLE

Each order from this drop comes with a free bottle.  
Now once you get it, follow these steps.
GO outside or use your bathtub, bleach is smelly and not great for you.  Or at the very least open a window and turn a fan on.  
Don't be stupid.  
Give the shirts some sprays as much or as little as you want. 
Let the bleach soak in.  
The garment will change color faster or slower depending on sunlight you want to keep it in.
Soon as you like it, smack the whole thing in cold water.  Rinse it out.  Then give it a normal wash and dry.
These are the results we got for one of the new shirts
Now onto the CONTEST
Take a pic of your creation and tag us.  We will select our favorite ten homemade designs during the month of march and let the fans from IG choose a winner, bracket style.  Winner will get a $500 gift card to HVIII BRAND GOODS
Enjoy my friends and let's see some cool stuff.
*bleach is dangerous, don't drink it, don't get sick, don't rub in your eyes, If you're at all uncertain of your ability to do this safely I suggest you don't do it.  Maybe grab a safety helmet and buckle up for the rest of life.  If you can't handle doing this without bodily harm, chances are life isn't going to be friendly to you. *
February 08, 2021