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How do we spend time waiting to be saved? Sitting for the tides to change, a better chance, a clear opportunity, or a leader to emerge and make all right and good?

It’s never coming. It is as it has always been. 

Those who profit off of the people waiting to be saved, are highly invested in a system that keeps you dependent. This is standard in abusive relationships. Or even some level of Müchausen syndrome by proxy. We continue to allow control to be handled by people that don’t want what’s best for us. This is the government, bosses, parents, siblings, and so called friends.  They continue to tell us why we can’t. Danger, sickness, and fear are all the methods to create this dire dependence. 

You are the HERO in this tale. When will you choose to rise up?  

Choose to be the winner in your story. The story we are living is not the one of the collective but the one we create. While all the world is divided and coward in fear of what dangers are at our door, others will continue to thrive, grow, adventure, love, and take risks. 

The way out of our current dilemma is not rules and regulations; it is TOTAL RADICAL ACCOUNTABILITY for yourself.  Make yourself healthy, make yourself confident, make your self a can’t be bought INDEPENDENT SOVEREIGN FUCKING SAVAGE. 

This is not easy. You will fail. You will lose friends. But as all this sheds and you continue on your own hero's journey, you will emerge as the best version of you,  one that rooted in experience and knowledge not fear and scarcity. 

You are no longer damaged by unintentional triggers, you won’t be slowed down by someone else’s doubt, and you damn sure don’t need permission to pursue your dreams. 

This is your life, your day, your minutes to live however the fuck you want. Stop wasting time hoping “they will give you permission or tell you you’re good enough.” You start the story. You tell yourself and eliminate anything that disagrees with it. 

Find other accountable people and connect to them freeing yourself of all the drag created by those ruled by fear. 



November 14, 2022