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Mentor, sherpa, leader, therapist, parent, peer, guide, shaman, or coach. These are all the same to me. These are the people we look at in our lives for direction and ability to help us correct course back to our goals. It’s a completely biased look at your goals and the way to accomplish them. These people help you, support you, and hold you accountable to the goal you’ve decided as a priority. 

It’s easy in relationships to only look for help once things have collapsed. Only reach out once it’s past broken. This is the same in business. No honesty in that you need help until it’s too late and it’s survival mode. This is how most people address their lives. Don’t throw up a flag for help until the room is on fire.

How about a shift in this way of thinking and instead, look at it like an athlete. Athletes hire coaches when they are at their best and want to continue on. They have to admit that they are out of their depth and need support to be their best. They need guidance to help go from good, to great. This is different than waiting until you’re hurt, old, tired, and out of gas to ask for help. 

Build on the stuff while you’re good. This allows better thinking, clearer perspectives, and less ego and hurt being tossed in your decisions and actions. 

Most people associate asking for help with something being wrong or bad. What about you just wanting to be better? Not that where you are is bad, but the pursuit of achieving more progress as a whole. Happy with where you are and excited to make progress. 

For all those out there that hold themselves from joining groups, asking for help, and extinguishing the feeling you have for growth to accept this is good enough. STOP

What if you were always wanting to make progress and grow. What if you attended couples retreats when you’re happy? What if you went to hear motivational speakers while you are living at your strongest? 

Reframe how you look at help. Help is not a sign of weakness; it is an awareness that you don’t know best.  If you don’t have guides and peers in your life leading you toward your goals,  I suggest you start finding them. Your one day will turn into an I should have

Make the most of this existence while you’re living it. Don’t wait to realize that you are the one driving the ship. Go where you want and figure out the course on the way. The choice has always been yours. Stay in line waiting or find your way
November 21, 2022