I don't think I need to explain much here.  In case you didn't know space is awesome and terrifyingly large.  But it contains everything out there.

This is such cool thing we get to do.  For the first real time in human existence we have time to pursue resistance to create our own adaptation.  If we want to be bigger, stronger, faster, and more capable than ever before.  Then we have the ability to focus on that task in our spare time.  

We can create the machine we want to live in and teach it to operate how we want.  We can always get better.  This adaptation requires demands on the body in the form of resistance.  That is weights, distances, and even getting outside of your comfort zone mentally to sharpen those skills.
Our bodies will adapt to the given stimulus.  Our systems don't have an opinion on it.  They aren't trying to stand in the way of your goals.  They simply reflect the input you're giving them.  Some of us may be more naturally suited for somethings but nothing is impossible.

This adaptation and development comes directly from being challenged and being forced to get better so you can survive easier next time.  If you think you want to change but spend all day at a desk or on the couch then your body will develop into a machine that its great at that.  But if you want to make a kick ass machine that is up for anything.  You need to be throwing some curveballs its way and keep it on its toes.  

Have challenging conversations without attacking or feeling attacked.  Challenge your ideas and yourself to grow and be better.  Understand more.  And ultimately be ready for anything this universe offers up to you.  

Love the design of this collection and the simple nods to BOWIE ,The Starman, and NASA with the HVIII logo.
This collection is going to get dropped throughout the month so be ready at the wheel. 

Heavy weight hoodies

T shirt


Crop Top

GOAT Shorts

GNPT Leggings

FALL ESSENTIALS Premium Fleece Grey Joggers

Contour Shorts

Beanies & One Hitter

For those that don't know yet.  HVIII BRAND is doing a giveaway and the prize is this.  1 male and 1 female will be selected to receive a full scholarship from HVIII BRAND for all of 2021.  

It means that the two people selected will receive items automatically just like our team athletes for all of 2021.  Both of you will also be flown out to St. Louis during 2021 to take part in a photo shoot and training day at our new facility (DOPE).

Every dollar you spend during December is a chance to win.  You can also enter by signing up for email list and our text marketing.  For the week of December 14-20 every dollar spent is 10 x the entries.  So if you spend $100 you get 1000 chances to win.
Winner will be chosen asap after December 31.
December 15, 2020