October Essentials - NDY - Long Sleeve - Black


Through the Veil.

This is one of my favorite items we have done at HVIII Brand Goods.

Feels perfect throwback to band shirts from when I lived that life.

The hand reaching through and marbles being spilled on the other side. Time will wait for no one.

No bargaining.
You won’t be able to buy more.
Your time to do it all is now. Make the most of the miracle of existence and find your edges.

HVIII Brand Goods started with the simple plan to ELIMINATE my excuses through movement, mindset, and motivation.

I’m all in on this life. I hope you do the same.

Size Reference
Bonnie is 5'3", 125lb and in S
Matt is 6', 230lb and in 2XL

$ 45.00 $ 50.00