Better Late Than Never (BLTN) Slides

$ 10.00 $ 30.00


Life doesn’t always go according to the plan. Take these slides that we originally planned to drop in May, for instance.

Either way, we’re still stoked to finally be able to share these new and completely redesigned custom HVIII slides. Whether you’re sliding into the gym, or sliding outside into nature, these slides are beyond comfortable and ready for anything you can throw at them.  

Slap on some socks and wear them into fall, or use them as your easy, slip-on excuse to never wear socks. It’s up to you. You don’t need every pair of shoes you own to have laces and be highly functional. Sometimes, you just need some sick and simple everyday slides.

However... on the right person, you might be capable of climbing mountains with these things, but we can’t make any promises. 

Where will you slide into this fall?