Daily Destroyer (8 Week Program)


Derek Woodske and I created Daily Destroyer to assist both of us in becoming more capable athletes.  We spent he vast majority of our competitive careers specializing in one main focus.  After that time has now come and gone it is a time to return to more of a generalized focus to training.

Daily Destroyer is build and designed to be a great benefit for the beat up athlete, who needs to regain some ability away from the specialized competitive programming.  We wanted to focus on improving these areas for longevity as a better human.  

Daily Destroyer Improves:

  • Strength
  • Mobility
  • Endurace
  • Works to eliminate imbalance and pain

Liner and block style programing to keep progress focused

Daily Destroyer was created to help you stay ready, stay dialed in, and take action.

This  TWO PHASE, 8 WEEK PDF program will give you an intro to what you can expect from joining our online training group at Train Heroic. 


$ 20.00