Rashguard - EVO Pistols - Short Sleeve


Since our first rash guard was a huge hit, we took the same design and turned it into a short sleeve version. It’s too hot this summer to keep those pythons locked down, so sun’s out guns out! 

BJJ has by far been one of the hardest training methods I have ever gotten to take part in. I hope as my body continues to adapt, and let me do more that I can return back to it. 

I think we miss out on a lot of lessons that hand to hand style of competition can teach us.  Having to react to another person’s moves is a great challenge, one that never goes stale. For those out there rolling hard, I fuck with you. I hope our gear can add some stoke to you and whatever you’re using it for.

Size Reference

Matt is 6' 240lbs in XL

$ 20.00 $ 48.00