Starting Mobility - Shakira E-Book


Starting Mobility - Shakira is an accessible and easy program for hip mobility that any athlete can add to their current program. The package includes and introduction to how the program can be integrated, and a full 5 weeks of hip mobility programming

As an athlete, the ability to move is paramount to the amount of power and force you can generate. The body is designed to do some amazing things. For all the running, jumping, lifting, throwing, and playing we are built for, it is not built for the hours and hours we all spend sitting down. This is a necessary evil. We have jobs and we don't hunt for our food every day; which is great because honestly I like my computer and air conditioned house. With the evolution of our jobs to being less and less physically demanding, we need to make sure that we are keeping mobile where it counts. The hips are the biggest place I have trouble and the biggest place I see others being tight. They can't get low enough for squats, or if they do they have sacrificed good positions that they can generate force. I put this together to be a guide for getting your hips back. Like Shakira says "hips don't lie", so I'll explain how to use this program and the intent you should have going into it.

Click Here for Associated Video Guide to Starting Mobility Movements (It's Neat)

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