Ultimate SHOGGER - RED

$ 40.00


The most recent addition to our CUT AND SEW line is our ULTIMATE SHOGGERS.  I took our wildly comfortable and popular Ultimate Joggers and used the same super soft comfortable fabric and had them turned into shorts with a 6” inseam. 

They are a little longer than our GOAT SHORTS but I love the additional length in a sweat short. This kept us from getting too much of a “creepy middle school physical education teacher” and more of a comfortable fit that can still be styled for streetwear and the gym.

We want to make items that help remove the barriers to training.  One way we focus on that is having clothes that look good for both and can transition quickly from life to training with you.  My schedule leaves me in a “be ready at all times” mentality and these ULTIMATE SHOGGERS have been perfect for it.  

Beat the heat and ditch the sleeves. The August Summer Essentials is the chance to embrace the sun and embrace the last month of summer.

Plus your charisma and confidence go up 3+ points when you combine the whole kit. ESSENTIALLY, think of it as a modern day cloak of AWESOMENESS.

Sizing Reference
Matt 6' 230 wears L and likes them snug.