Too often, I see people toe the waters of their passion.

This applies really to anything outside of your regular job. People that want to try, but for whatever reason, are hesitant to go all in. I am an all-in type of guy. I have been this way for as long as I can remember.

I know a lot of people find a new hobby or interest then quickly spend a bunch of money getting set up for it.

Then sadly, they never really pursue the activity. Some people never fully dive in. Maybe they thought they would enjoy a thing or quickly realize they just don’t have the time to pursue it as they hoped.

My suggestion is to have a hobby that drives you.

In a perfect world, your hobby is something physical that your regular training can benefit from.

I love training. Not just for strength anymore but training to make progress. To make this progress, I only commit to that one thing. Currently, and for the past 6 months, cycling has been on the front burner.

I set some goals concerning what new gear I will allow myself to purchase. For example, my indoor cycling setup was not cheap, and I had an old trainer that technically got the job done. I decided against buying all the new stuff as an incentive to get on the bike.

I forced myself to get in the habit of training consistently on the bike. As I hit a progress marker of riding 2-3 hours a week for 2 months, I decided to upgrade. The upgrade was a reward. This keeps me stoked and not trying to learn too many new variables at once.

Take your hobbies and vices seriously. It helps if they are things that also benefit you physically and mentally.

As long as the activity is bringing you joy and teaching you things, dive in. Make time to pursue it. Educate yourself on it and go, full kook.

You only get so much time in this life to pursue anything you want.

Don’t fuck that up by halfway trying stuff.

Go all in and give it hell.

August 21, 2023