As someone who has a background in track and field, the Summer Olympic Games have always been special to me. Something about the pursuit of an athletic dream really fires me up. 

Most of these athletes won’t get paid. Hell, they may not even be remembered… and yet, they still put in a lifetime of sacrifice for the opportunity to test themselves against the best on the planet. All to reap the reward of joining the small, elite community of Olympians.

It’s incredible. When you imagine the lifelong pursuit of a singular goal, it’s easy to think of the rewards in various forms of fame, fortune, or notoriety, but that’s not always the case. More often than not, it’s also the case for all of us when we pour all of our energy into our own pursuits.  

To me, the mark you leave here on this planet is the opportunity to take a stab at immortality. It’s what you’ll leave here on this planet after you’ve died. It’s how you’ll continue to exist even in the afterlife. How would your mark impact those still here on earth chasing their dreams?

I hope the mark that I leave on this world is showing you that you can do anything. That's the legacy I want to leave. I want to show you that there are no limits other than the ones you impose on yourself. 

Make sure whatever it is, whatever mark you want to leave on the world… let it consume your soul.  

Keep pushing forward so YOU can make the most out of this life. Do whatever you can to leave an impact on this life, on your friends and family, and show the world what’s possible.


August 28, 2023