What are you chasing in life?

Are your goals outlined clearly, or do you just let things happen as they come?

Something about Iceland has always helped shift my perspective on things is the energy. Money and objects very rarely seem to be the overall goal for people in this country.Their feeling’s surrounding happiness and what creates happiness for them is non negotiable.

Whether it’s family, friends, or work, Icelandic people pour so much more energy into the people and passions that they love and care for.

I think it’s great to reward your progress with tangible objects and “new shiny toys,” hell I do this myself, but, at the end of the day those toys are still just things. I see a lot of people I know chase this idea of success, the “American Dream,” if you will. You know the one; where you work at a corporate job, own a big fancy house with a picket fence, start a family, and settle down. They arrive at what they’ve been told is their final destination for happiness, and stop reaching beyond that… But, maybe if we started focusing more on chasing happiness through growing our relationships with those we love, instead of money, homes, cars, and the next promotion, then we can reframe our idea of success and living a fulfilled life.

At the end of the day, no matter what’s important to you, give it your all. Give yourself the room to explore and find what you truly love, then pour as much energy into it as you can.

Lean into what you love, chase happiness instead of things, and go full throttle.
September 04, 2023