Nobody LIKES to fail. Failure is a heavy burden, but more often than not, I see a lot of people hold back from chasing their goals, whether it’s fitness, competing in a sport, business, or life, just because they’re afraid to fail.

I’ve watched people go into competitions, finish in the middle of the pack, and boast about “Not really trying/or training” as if their lack of commitment is a badge of honor. Now to me, what I hear is: “Can you imagine if I had actually tried? Maybe I would have won!” You know what I say to that? 

Fuck that. 

Fuck going half-assed on something and boasting about it. When you do this, all it does is create a narrative that your potential success is simply a mythical place of “what if’s” and “maybe’s.” The reality is, all of the people that you admire, no matter what area of their life it is, approach life the same way. They’re all willing to put in the work, listen to constructive criticism, and they’re not afraid to fail. Because failure is just a part of life. 

In fact, I’ve failed countless times at many things:

I failed at getting a D1 football scholarship

I failed at going to Nationals in college Track & Field.

I failed at my first attempt as an Entrepreneur.

I’ve failed at real estate investments

I’ve been fired.

I’ve been divorced.

The point is, failure is a part of becoming successful, and the way to move past your failures is to take accountability for them. You have the power to be your biggest asset, or your greatest nemesis. When you fail, learn from your mistakes and figure out the next step. When you’re unwilling to fail, you’re holding yourself back from your potential. Instead of fearing it, accept that FAILURE is just a part of the journey. 

The road to success is paved with failure, so start laying those bricks my friends.

September 10, 2023